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Monday, 23 April 2012

                                                                       University of Mumbai
                                                  K.M.Agrawal College of Arts,Commerce and Science
                                                                           (Affiliated to University of Mumbai)
                                                                      Department of Physics

                                                Dr. Munish Pandey, is head department of Physics, he completed his master degree from University of Mumbai and Doctoral degree from Magadh University, apart from educational qualification Dr. Munish Pandey is recognized  Ph.D. degree guiding teacher in Physics at University of Mumbai along with that Dr. Pandey is Member, Board of Studies in Physics at University of Mumbai

Research Publications:

Research  Experience

Conferences/ Workshops attended:

                                  Department of Physics having another faculty Dr. Sanjay S. Patil, who have completed his M.Sc. from University of Pune, and Physics from University of Mumbai, under the guidance of  Dr. D.C.Kothari, Prof.&Head, Department of Physics, University of Mumbai,
         Dr. Sanjay Patil is actively involved in the research activities, his field of research is in material science and extra curricular activities at College.From the academic year 2011 - 2012 Dr. Sanjay Patil, is Providing Printed Notes to F.Y.B.Sc. and S.Y.B.Sc. classes at our College,and all of the students are benefited from that. Dr Sanjay Patil is a NSS Programme Officer. ;

Research Publications:
1. "Corrosion resistance study of argon implanted and ion beam-mixed 316 SS"
S.S.Patil, R.P.Fernandes, N.K.Patel, P.A.Rayjada, P.M.Raole, D.C.Kothari,
Surface & Coatings Technology 196(2005)284-287.
2."Corrosion and oxidation  resistance study of reactive ion beam-mixed 316 SS"
S.S.Patil, R.P.Fernandes, D.C.Kothari, P.A.Rayjada, P.M.Raole, 
Surface & Coatings Technology 196(2005)284-287.

3. " Study of PDLC and PDCLC Mixtures Using Various Techniques" Anita Kanwar,
Gupta Sureshchandra J., Sanjay Patil, Gowher B.Vakil, Journal of Optics, 37(2008)9-15.

4." Ag Nanoparticles Embeded Soda glass prepared using ion exchange" Maya S. Sable,
Ranjana C. Gupta, S.S.Patil, V.R.Ajgaonkar and D.C.Kothari, Proceedings of the DAE 
Solid State Physics, Symposium 52(2007)381.

Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures, Vol.5, No.1, March 2010 p 107-111.

F.Y.B.Ss. PPT:

Research  Experience
           Conferences/ Workshops attended:
           1)    Sixth School on the Physics of Beams held at BARC, Mumbai.
           2)      Workshop on Nanotechnology and Ion Beams held at Department of
           Physics, University of Mumbai in March, 2005.
     3)      International Conference on Liquid Crystals held in Mumbai ( INDIA)
      at University of Mumbai in December,2006.
4)      International Conference on Surface Modification of Materials by Ion
      beams held in Mumbai, at TIFR, in October,2007.
5) Seven days hands on training Course on Analytical Instruments held at Institute of Science,
    Madam Cama Road, Mumbai ( 29th October - 4th November,2012)
6) Refresher Course in Statistical Mechanics, from 6th to 19th,  November, 2013
Training Courses: Refresher/Orientation Courses:

Refresher Course in Statistical Mechanics completed 6-19,November,2013

104th Orientation Course Completed from 1-28, July,2014 at ASC, Dr.BAMU
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